How I Live More Minimal

Ever since I first moved out on my own at 20 years old, I have been learning the lesson of stuff. What stuff I needed, what stuff I wanted to buy, what stuff would make me feel better, more fulfilled, more successful? From my first own studio apartment in Vancouver to the tiny room I subletted in downtown […]


A month or so ago I had the pleasure of attending one of Firefly Creative Writing‘s workshop (if you are a writer definitely look into them, they are AMAZING!) and our lovely facilitator Jenna, walked us through an exercise of Identity. Who are we to others? Who are we to ourselves? What labels do we […]

Vegan Poutine!!

Ah, this Canadian classic! I’m lucky to live in Toronto where there are so many places that cater to vegans. But sometimes you just want to stay in and munch on some oh-so-bad for you carby deliciousness! Print Recipe Vegan Poutine!! Vegans need junk food too! Course Main Dish Cuisine Comfort Food Prep Time 5 […]

Being Bi

Ah, the mythical bisexual. Often not believed to be real, often thought of as a phase — “bicurious”, often forgotten in the long fight for equality. Being bisexual is an interesting life experience. First, you just think you’re straight because you do like the opposite sex… but you’ve always been attracted and curious by the same sex. […]