New Year, New Memes; Gratitude & Goal Setting


This post is a bit overdue considering it is January 7th but what can you do? I have been off kilter since the calendar switched to 2017 since I started off the year with an awful flu and three days of being bed-ridden. That is over now thankfully and I am ready to launch Sex and Vegetables and what better way to launch my website than with a New Year’s post!

2016… what a year, there were many atrocities and negative happenings that took over the headlines: Drumpf, DAPL, Racism is alive and well, black citizens still being killed, rapists getting off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, Heartbeat bill Ohio, North Carolina’s bathroom law, climate change deniers, not to mention RIP Alan Rickman, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds; just to name a few.


But this post is not going to be about those things because I want to celebrate the good, I have spent many hours marinating in the bad and for 2017 I want to have a refreshing list of things I am grateful for. Gratitude, yes, that pesky word that is often lauded as a cure for negativity and thrown around often. It’s definitely cheesy but you know what, it works and it’s something that since I’ve been practicing has actually increased my happiness and mental health. So, don’t knock it til you try it, here’s my reflection of things I am grateful for from 2o16:

  1. Fell in love and am in my first adult relationship, where we are learning to care for each other
  2. Travelled to Colombia and having an incredible experience and building a lasting friendship (blog post on that coming soon)
  3. Such a FUN summer filled with beaches and music festivals, camping and also time with the best group of girls I could have ever asked for.
  4. Leaving the service industry and it’s toxic effects on my life and entering a new career as a travel agent, where I get to do something I love and that is fulfilling!
  6. Going home for Christmas and seeing my family for the first time in 2.5 years, really embracing them and my roots and forgiving the past. It has been so freeing and I am so healed and full and open to love!
  7. Rediscovering my passion for art, getting back into drawing and painting just for fun and to make things for people
  8. Becoming healthy by cutting down on my partying, drinking; working out or doing yoga everyday and eating right!!
  9. Being inspired to start my Insta, becoming a loud and proud feminist, launching my blog and Etsy store! It’s been a while in the making but I’m excited to become a #girlboss and share my thoughts, experiences, recipes and designs with the world!!! So stay tuned for more in 2017 🙂

OK, I won’t lie, I did some lazy blogging and pasted that from my Instagram post but hey, it’s still true!

What are you thankful for? Share in the comments below!!


And then, of course with the New Year there are those Resolutions but you know what, I don’t really believe in setting goals just because it’s a new year. I believe in intention setting, goal setting, whenever possible! Even if it’s during a yoga practice and seeing how far you can stretch, or when you’re feeling rough, even a little goal of picking your clothes off the ground, or doing the dishes, and then when you’re feeling great and ambitious, setting goals like finishing your novel, learning a new language or going on a trip.

So, taking my lovely, lazy Saturday, I sat down with my “Goals” book and thought long and hard (5 minutes) about what I wanted to accomplish this year, and I wanted to share with you all how I do my goal setting!

This book made it really easy to break it down, first you list your Top 10 Goals; these are the big kahunas, the ones you strive for and think “big picture” or “long term”.

I only have 8 on mine but here they are:

  1. Launch Sex and
  2. Finish my novel & Write Everyday
  3. Travel
  4. Save money
  5. Learn Spanish
  6. Have artwork/designs to sell and show/Have a successful online business
  7. Be healthy and share with others (vegan recipes, fitness, yoga, meditation)
  8. Be a better friend, feminist and activist; educate myself and make a difference!

These are pretty much the big goals that I want to accomplish, which are then broken down into my Monthly Goals, the steps I can take each month into achieving what I want to do! So my monthly January goals are as follows:

  1. Launch my website – have recipes ready to be posted, have blog articles written – due date January 31st
  2. Increase my Spanish vocabulary – longer term goal, starting Spanish class January 17th
  3. Write one chapter of Born of Blood
  4. Paint/Design
  5. Read papers on sex, gender; read the National Geographic Gender Issue that I received for Xmas

And then the book goes into weekly goals, breaking them down which I also copy into my beautiful, funky day planner (courtesy of So, my weekly goals are as follows:

  • BLOGS – write two blog posts (accomplishing this one as we speak!)  – deadline today
  • DESIGN – finish my “I’m a Witch Lettering”, research products/manufacturers so I can sell some funky wares – deadline January 10th
  • PAINT – finish my alien Wacom painting (you can follow my art Insta here)
  • WRITE – write 500 words of Born of Blood

And pretty much every week will consist of those main goals above!

If you’re looking into getting into goals setting or are having problems with them I hope this blog helped, if not, then I hope you had at least a little fun reading it!

Also, just because, here’s a recipe for the delicious Vegan Brunch I made today:

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Smoked Spicy Turmeric Tofu
My favourite Soyganic Smoked Tofu, sliced and sauteed with tomatoes on the vine, onions and spinach in my own spicy , turmeric sauce. Topped with fresh arugula and served with a toasted One Bun. Mmmm :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: Sauce
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Heat pan on medium-high heat with olive oil, throw in sliced yellow onions and let simmer, add sauce in
  2. Throw in sliced tomatoes and let simmer, it should be bubbling and cooking
  3. Add in the sliced tofu blocks and let marinate and cook, try to get all sides heated, let sit in pan for about 5 minutes (or however long you prefer if you want it more cooked)
  4. Throw in baby spinach leaves last and let cook, not too long or else they will become too dark and not as tasty!
  5. Take out of pan, put into a bowl and top with a bunch of fresh arugula, serve with toast if you'd like or enjoy on it's own!
Recipe Notes

Served with a sliced bosch pear

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And to end this blog post with a fun little New Year’s themed comic:

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