I’ve been in a very quiet, introverted mood lately. I feel quiet, like the moon turning towards darkness, renewing itself in the night sky to once again return, bright and luminous. This little doodle was inspired by the last few days of work, hectic, busy and long days where I just wanted a damn, fresh and cold beer… but I also want abs!

Well, you can try to have both but the only thing you can do is not be too hard on yourself and indulge a little. And if my company paid for the beers, even better!

Isn’t it funny how beer is marketed as such a guy thing, and how much of a backhanded compliment is it when a dude says, “Wow! A girl who likes beer!” Actually, lots of ladies enjoy a cold brew now and then, and we can drink quite a bit of it! Also, I’ve been to a few beer commercial cattle casting calls (I refuse to call them auditions) and the whole industry of beer advertisement is just gross. Remember when Bud Light had those ads that basically promoted rape? UGH.

Anyways, I didn’t want to rant too much about that. I wanted to write a little bit about loneliness and being quiet, or feeling quiet. I have felt that way for the past few weeks, maybe since December, this feeling of a peaceful blanket has surrounded me, enveloping me in a creative mood. This mood is one where I don’t feel up much for socializing or leaving the house but more of staying in, reading and drawing, writing, working on my projects. It’s a nice feeling but it’s also been a bit lonely. I haven’t seen quite a bit of my friends in a while and I miss them but I also like this self-care I am taking, I like saving money, I like staying up drawing and reading and not feeling tired from boozing.

All in all, I am getting a lot done and feeling creatively free, ambitious and inspired, now to find the balance where I can see my friends more 🙂

Also, since I promised to talk about abs, here are my two favourite ab videos that I like to do 1-3x a week, depending on my laziness.

INTENSE ABS – 10 Minutes by Chloe Ting

8 MIN ABS & OBLIQUES by BLOGILATES (definitely check out all her videos if you’re looking for good home workouts!)

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