Being Bi

Ah, the mythical bisexual. Often not believed to be real, often thought of as a phase — “bicurious”, often forgotten in the long fight for equality. Being bisexual is an interesting life experience. First, you just think you’re straight because you do like the opposite sex… but you’ve always been attracted and curious by the same sex. […]

Vegan Brunch for One

Woke up today and felt like making myself a delicious brunch for one! When I was vegetarian and still eating dairy and eggs, scrambled eggs with cheese were my favourite breakfast dish, since I’ve stopped eating those though I’ve had to find a new favourite and this one is a nice, spicy variation of scrambled tofu! […]

Creamy Spiced Vegan Mac & Cheese

Growing up in a Vietnamese household my comfort food was pho, fried rice, and the ever delicious and salty instant noodles (Mimi brand please!). It wasn’t until I was 13 and at a friend’s house that I tried Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese and ever since then I was hooked! There is just something about the […]